Forming CV

The CV is an enterprise that is established by two or more persons as partners, either active partners or silent partners. Active partners are those that provide capital as well as run the business, while silent partners are those who provide venture capital.

Active partners have full responsibility for all the company assets and liabilities, and silent partners are responsible only for the capital paid. The procedure for establishing a CV is the same as establishing a firm.Formed between one or more people who provide capital and/or run the business

Forming CV
Rp. 6m

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1. Deed of Incorporation
2. Domicile
3. “NPWP”
4. Certificate of Registered Tax
5. Court Approval
6. “SIUP”
7. “TDP”

Process  : 30 days of working

  1. Copy of Passport (for foreign nationals)
  2. Copy of “KITAS” (for foreign nationals who became an administration)
  3. Copy of owner ID (for Indonesian citizens)
  4. Person in Charge “NPWP” (for Indonesian citizens)

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